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About Us

Biran Logistic Consulting was established in 2011 by Hagai Biran.

Hagai Biran has over 25 years of experience in the field of functional planning and design (logistics and industry) as well as an actual operational experience as VP Operations & Logistics in leading Israeli corporations.


The company of Biran Logistic Consulting consists of a professional and experienced team of 5 engineers and a draftsperson, handling a variety of projects relating to the establishment of logistics cents and plants.


The main goal of our Company is to diagnose and match to each client the solutions and technologies most suitable for it both financially and operationally, followed by close escorting of the entire construction, logistic equipment procurement, system establishment, and transition to the new site.


A project of establishing a new logistics center in Israel lasts 2 to 2.5 years, during which the extent of our escorting goes up and down according to project stages. Our relationship with the client is, without a doubt, most significant and bears the most impact on building design, compared to the other project consultants.


Our main areas of activity are:

  • Functional design – logistics centers, warehouses and distribution systems

  • Characterizing work processes and escorting the implementation of WMS and TMS systems

  • Functional design – plant layouts – production and assembly lines

  • Preparing a master plan and studying the supply chain


The list of our clients includes, inter alia: Rami Levi, Danlog-Intercosma, Poliva, Pelephone, Hanamal, HFD, UPS, Bermad, Hameshavev, Golmat, ABS, Gilar, Johnson & Johnson, Ilex Medical Ltd., Madison, Columbia, Dip Marketing, Paz, Paz Movil, Chapnick, Couscous Maison, Willy Food, MalamTeam.

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