Functional design – plant layout

Production and assembly lines

Correct planning and design start with studying the needs and mapping the current situation, understanding the processes and material flow, analyzing the links and connections between departments. During Stage 2, an area-level design in principle is performed to get optimal flow and maximal synergy between the various departments, following which the detailed specification of machine and workstation positioning takes place.


Typical project content:


  • Collecting data in the existing plant

  • Mapping and measuring the existing machines and the working environment required for them

  • Conducting field observations of the activities in all departments

  • Preparing balance of areas by department / production lines

  • Analyzing material flow between the different departments

  • Examining the synergy of activity between the different departments

  • Examining the utilization of employees in the different departments – both along the production process and against the timeline

  • Concentrating the climate requirements in the different departments (air-conditioning, lighting, housekeeping, humidity, etc.)

  • Preparing a Data Summary Report to serve as the basis for the design, presenting it and obtaining the Client's approval

  • Preparing a detailed analysis of activity in all the departments

  • Mapping the existing material flow between department

  • Mapping the links between the different departments

  • Examining efficiency of the existing flow and the possibility of improving it

  • Examining the options for changing the organizational structure (number and content of departments) – for streamlining the work and flow while maintaining quality

  • Preparing a detailed design of the production layout, including the supplies required for each machine

  • Preparing a functional specification (Program) of the building and its related systems. This document will form the basis for the architectural design and that or relevant planners

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