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Biran Logistics Consulting is a consultation and functional design company engaged in preparing masterplans, examining supply chains, designing logistics centers, warehouses and plants, and escorting the implementation of WMS and TMS systems.


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The company escorts its clients throughout the design and establishment period from start to finish:


  1. Begin with assessing your logistic needs

  2. Examine alternatives for storage and transportation

  3. Examine the technologies and automated systems

  4. Offer a functional design of the structure and define the requirements for other members of the design team (architect, constructor, electricity advisor, safety, firefighting, etc.)

  5. Escort the process of logistic equipment procurement (prepare RFP specifications, examine and compare proposals and quotes, accompany negotiations)

  6. Escort the selection process of WMS system supplier

  7. Plan the project of transition to the new site, including implementation of the WMS system



  • Functional design of logistics centers, warehouses and distribution systems

  • Characterizing work processes and providing escort throughout the WMS and TMS system implementation

  • Functional design of plant layouts – production and assembly lines

  • Preparing a master plan and studying the organization's supply chain





The interest of our clients is our interest, and throughout the project we perceive ourselves as part of the client's company.
We are committed to always being up to date with the most recent technological innovations. We remain resolved and consistent until finding the most suitable solution for our client.
We do not have business relations with the suppliers. We will always make sure to present data to the client in the most objective way possible, recommend what is best in our opinion and let them make the final decision by themselves.
Each project requires original solutions and the ability to think outside the box. We strive to tailor solutions to the client's dimensions and needs.







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